Join the Revolution & Help End Alzheimer's

The time has come to say goodbye…

After 7 years of sharing our personal Alzheimer’s journey with each and every one of our Revolutionaries we have made the difficult decision to close our Rivet Revolution shop. We have enjoyed each and every moment of this adventure. We cannot thank our customers, and charity partners for all the amazing memories we have formed along the way. Best wishes Revolutionaries – Liz & Susan.

Rivet Revolution is on a mission to end Alzheimer's

Our cause is simple:

to spread support throughout the Alzheimer’s community 1 bracelet at a time

With more than 44 million people suffering from Alzheimer’s worldwide and another
140 million family and friends providing care, we support these communities by
donating a portion from every Rivet Revolution design to a network of charitable organizations.





Founded by two women—Susan & Liz—the Revolution was created to
empower the networks of families and friends who have been affected by Alzheimer’s. Both of us
has a personal connection to someone with the disease, and we are passionate about using
our own experiences in a productive and positive way to help others.

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