It all started with two friends supporting one another
through the struggles of caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s…

We launched the Revolution in the summer of 2016 with four goals: spread awareness of the impact that Alzheimer’s is making on each of us, support the multitude of people caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s while trying to raise a family, go to college or just simply care for themselves, support unique organizations who are helping to educate communities, politicians, medical professionals about Alzheimer’s and support cutting edge research striving to find a cure to end Alzheimer’s.

We are often asked if we are a charity. We like to think we are both a social enterprise AND a charity project. Legally, however, we are set up as an LLC. We donate 10% of every sale to charitable foundations, programs, and researchers focused on empowering people, raising awareness, making a difference and finding a cure.

Inspired by the strong and permanent bond of the rivet, our hand-crafted jewelry is designed to be collected and shared.
Can we get a Rivet Revolution bracelet on every one of the millions of people affected by Alzheimer’s? We are sure going to try!

Join the Revolution, wear a Rivet Revolution bracelet & help us support the Alzheimer’s community!

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